Announcing New Discussion Group

Artower Advisory Services is pleased to make available for free participation a new online discussion group on the subject of US Healthcare Public Policy.  A number of the initial members, including myself, represent a cadre of individuals that have participated together in a similar discussion group for well over a decade.  Registration is open now, and the group will officially kick off on November 24th.

For my own part, I first joined that predecessor group in 1996 (if challenged memory serves).  And over that span I have learned more useful knowledge on a variety of topics related to Healthcare Reform and Healthcare Public Policy than any other resource.  The reasons for this have to do with the diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideological vantages represented by the group participants – as well as the unfettered and forthright manner in which ideas can be shared, challenged and debated.

I had initially hoped that the Policy Pub would serve as a platform for creating an online environment where clients and colleagues of Artower Advisory Services could participate in an online community and learn from one another’s experiences, thoughts and ideas.  While I have been more than pleased with the attention this blog has received, I have thus far been unable to translate that success into an online community.

So I took advantage of a recent opportunity to germinate a new discussion group with individuals that I know from personal experience are very knowledgeable, very passionate and very eager to tackle fresh meat (perhaps that is stating the case a bit harshly – but please join and decide for yourself).  To join the group, just click on the picture above, and you will be taken directly to the online registration page.  All the information you need to read and share posts can be found there.  Before joining, please read the Discussion Group Guidelines.

As for the Pub, I will continue posting what I hope you will find interesting, useful and maybe occasionally entertaining.  I will also continue to focus my posts on affordable housing, home-and-community-based services and post-acute/long-term care, while the discussion group will encompass topics in healthcare much more broadly.  While there may be future opportunities to cross reference the Policy Pub and the discussion group, they are independent initiatives, and the success of either is not dependent upon the other.

I hope you will consider joining the US Healthcare Policy Discussion Group and benefit from such participation as much as I have during my professional career.


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