Let’s Take A Breath . . .

AP_17137623354997-1280x960The James Comey Oval Office conversation looks like a witch hunt to me.

Frankly, if Trump said what he is alleged to have said to Comey, I could really care less. That a sitting president should be called into question over a remark that “could” be interpreted as coercive I guess is in keeping with the 24-hour news cycle and social media landscape that now litters our country. Pragmatically, I could very well see Trump having said what he is alleged to have said without having any sense of desired influence whatsoever. 

But that’s because he is so clueless that he says whatever words he is able to muster at the time. If you listen to him enough, how could you not believe he rarely says anything with forethought – let alone malice of forethought. I listened to his commencement address to the Coast Guard Academy this morning, and it was truly sad. I think he only has three or four adjectives in his repertoire that he uses time and again.

“Really” is the big one, though technically an adjective preceeding another adjective is considered an adverb if memory serves.  Everything is really good, or really great, or really wonderful. And beyond, good, great and wonderful things fall off quickly. And of course, there’s the show stopper: “believe me.” At least George W had the presence of mind to pause and take flack for not being quick enough to get the right words out rather than just filling the void with adolescent banter.

The more you listen to Trump the more two realities become self-evident: he does not take the time or effort to gain even a basic understanding of the policy issues about which he speaks – regardless of what position he may favor on those issues. And second, he has no sense of himself outside of how he is self-actualized by his audience and the sycophants clamoring around like remoras attached to a shark. That must be why he craves those rallies so much. Without them he has no self worth nor understanding of why he ran for president.

But being obtuse and narcissistic are not impeachable offenses. Rushing to judgement on the basis of what should have been a private and confidential conversation between a president and his direct report is folly and only serves to fan the flames of political irreverence. Let’s maintain some common sense of decorum and see if we can’t still find the better angels of our nature to guide us through these troubling times.


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