A Moment in Time

APTOPIX Obama Connecticut School ShootingThere are moments in time that you remember as long as you live.  Despite centuries of history working against us, those moments are able to completely redefine how we view and feel about particular days and months and seasons.  That, unfortunately, is the case today.  The horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut this morning shall live with most of us now forever.

As distant witnesses we are unable to fathom the full measure of sorrow and anger – that gut-wrenching sense of bewilderment and disbelief that must be weighing so heavy on many broken hearts right now.  To commit murder is a unique act of moral deprecation that unto itself carries a sufficiently conscionable disconnect.  But to dig down even deeper into the black abyss of a human soul that has lost its way – and find the will to kill young, innocent children with so much of their lives still ahead of them – no words can possibly do justice.

We will all move forward – because we have to.  Even those whose hearts have been shattered today will also have to move forward.  But we will never move past this moment in time.


  1. God Bless all those affected and welcome those dearly departed with open arms.

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