LTC Mainly About Dementia Care

Today is World Alzheimer’s Action Day. And this past week Alzheimer’s Disease International issued, World Alzheimer Report 2013 ~ Journey of Caring: An Analysis of Long-term care for Dementia. As noted there, “ Long-term care for older people is, mainly, about care for people with dementia. Dementia and cognitive impairment are by far the most important contributors, among chronic diseases, to disability, dependence, and, in high income countries, transition into residential and nursing home care.”

Recognizing how integral dementia care is to developing public policy that address the needs of seniors in need, I thought this was a good opportunity to make available again the webinar my Artower colleague Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust did a little over a year ago.

Organizations that are interested in getting out ahead of the curve on developing care programs for individuals with Alzheimer’s/dementia that bring high value to integrated care delivery models under Healthcare Reform will benefit from watching this presentation.


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