WHCOA Regional Forum

I am delighted to have received an invitation to this Monday’s regional White House Conference on Aging forum. The fourth in a five part series and being held in Cleveland, the regional forum is designed to focus public attention on the key issues of ensuring retirement security, promoting healthy aging, providing long-term services and support and protecting older Americans from financial abuse and neglect.

The Conference on Aging has been held once a decade since the 1960s, “to identify and advance actions to improve the quality of life of older Americans.” Input and engagement is being sought from older adults, as well as a variety of stakeholders sharing an interest and passion for addressing the difficult issues of providing housing, services and care for an aging population with limited resources.

The Cleveland forum is being held at the Global Center for Health Innovation, which showcases the confluence of best practices and emerging technologies impacting how care is provided and received. Northeast Ohio is a leader in advancing innovative solutions to the challenges facing older adults navigating their way through successful aging. With organizations like the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and the McGregor Foundation (most proud to note that both are clients of Artower Advisory Services), Greater Cleveland has a well-respected history of supplementing the area’s world class medical care with strong community-based services that enrich and protect the lives of seniors.

It is truly an honor to share the day with individuals served by organizations such as these and to hear firsthand their expectations for successful aging in the years ahead. I promise to take good notes and report back here on the key issues being discussed and debated. And with any luck, maybe a few pub patrons will want to weigh in on those issues.

  ~ Sparky

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