Pub Chat No. 1: Rob Hilton ~ Affordable Housing Key to Long-Term Care

In this premier edition of Pub Chat, Rob Hilton, the President & CEO of the A M McGregor Group in East Cleveland, Ohio, shares with us his knowledge, experience and insights on the importance of affordable housing when addressing public policy efforts regarding aging services and long-term care for the elderly.  Rob has been actively and passionately involved in the national dialogue on Affordable Housing Plus Services (AHPS) for over a decade.

Rob was gracious enough to stop by the Pub last week to discuss how during his tenure at McGregor he became interested in the potential for AHPS and the challenges we face as a society in combining affordable housing with aging services and long-term care policy solutions.  He also provided some great insights on where he sees opportunities – and risks – for other provider organizations interested in exploring AHPS.  Finally, he offered his thoughts on where the future of AHPS is headed from a provider and public policy perspective.

You can listen to my interview with Rob by clicking on the mic below:


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  ~ Sparky