Welcome to the Policy Pub

Greetings, and welcome to Sparky’s Healthcare Reform Policy Pub!!

This is my first installment, while our team is still working feverishly to create initial content for the Artower Advisory Services Web site.

Eventually – and hopefully sooner rather than later – here you will find a timely, informative sharing of knowledge, information, opinion and debate on public policy issues impacting senior housing, aging services and post-acute/long-term care organizations.

If I am successful in achieving my overarching goal, this blog will become top of mind with industry thought leaders desiring to stay at the cutting edge of awareness, understanding and insight of how Healthcare Reform policy initiatives will impact the industry and their organizations.

I know that success will depend on how diligent I am on keeping content fresh, how well I can provoke meaningful participation from others – and whether Healthcare Reform continues to offer tremendous business challenges – and opportunities.  Well, I’m pretty confident Healthcare Reform isn’t going away, so I guess it’s mostly on me.  I welcome the challenge.

So please come on in, grab a spot and let’s have some fun learning from one another in ways that will ultimately help those organizations providing life-improving housing, services and care for seniors and disabled individuals in our society.

See ya inside!

  ~ Sparky

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