Speak Up!! Join the Policy Discussion Group

1336950133_1 Happy New Year!!

As we turn the page on 2012 – a year that, for good or ill or somewhere in between as is yet to be determined, will likely be looked back upon as the launching of tremendous change in the US Healthcare Delivery System – I wanted to begin 2013 by thanking those who have taken the time to stop by the Policy Pub, particularly if you have taken time to read my contributions.

Since I started this blog in May of last year I have received over 2,040 visits from 25 countries by latest count.  From what I have researched, that is a rather modest beginning but nonetheless sufficiently encouraging from my perspective (because I truly enjoy writing).

I also want to take this opportunity to remind pub patrons and visitors that Artower Advisory Services is sponsoring a Healthcare Public Policy Discussion Group.  Participation is free, and registration is as simple as providing your name and e-mail address.  You will not receive any solicitations or promotional e-mails by joining.  You will, however, have the opportunity to participate in a lively discussion of current and emerging topics impacting US healthcare policy with industry colleagues representing a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and concerns.

To join the US Healthcare Policy Discussion Group just click on the hyperlink above – or the Join the Debate image just to the left of this post.  Also check out my earlier post if you’d like more background on the discussion group.

Looking forward to sharing more thoughts and insights – and hopefully challenging your thinking regardless of ideologies and/or beliefs.


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