A Moment Please ?

image_thumb2Dear Colleagues:
This is a short reminder to those intellectual policy wonks out there who are interested in debating US Healthcare public policy that my firm, Artower Advisory Services, sponsors and underwrites the cost of a private Listserv discussion group. The group was created out of a remnant of what was once known as HEALTHRE – begun back in the mid-90s.

It is free to join, free to participate – and free to just lurk (read the posts of other contributors). Approval is required to help keep the list free of “junk,” but that is an automated process. Participants receive e-mails only from other registered participants that are discussing US healthcare public policy issues (i.e., no solicitation, no advertising, no spam). To sign up, simply click on the link below. You can unsubscribe just as easily if you determine it’s not for you.

Join the Debate!!
  ~ Sparky

Click here to sign up for the HC Policy Discussion Group

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